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Winners of past competitions

Jesse W.

"I get this message popping up saying that I won. I was like "yeah right" cause this stuff pops up on the internet all the time. But I heard a friend of mine had won something like this from the internet so I gave it a try. I signed up and answered some questions. Then they sent me a text with a secret code. I put it in the site, 3 weeks later I got an iPad!"

Jennifer L.
San Diego

"I was just doing some online shopping and randomly I got a notice I won. I was skeptical at first, but I signed up anyways since I had nothing to lose. Long story short, four weeks later I received pre-loaded $500 visa card in the mail!"

Jason M.
New York

"So I was browsing the web and randomly got this pop up saying that I won. Yeah right, for what? So to do some research. It turns out that I got enrolled into this contest from something I signed up for a week ago. I signed up, did the whole mobile secret PIN thing, well I'm typing this review from my new iPad! Thanks guys I appreciate it!"